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Update: Environmental Statement Submitted

Turnstone Estates are happy to announce we have submitted an Environmental Statement in support of the planning application for land South of 112 Station Road, Dullingham.
The Environmental Statement concludes that the development proposals comply with policy requirements, since appropriate mitigation measures can be delivered. Potential mitigation measures include:
A Construction Environmental Management Plan to set out measures necessary to ensure that construction activities do not pose a significant risk.
Installing a nature based solution within the river course down-gradient of the Water Recycling Centre (WRC) in order to reduce the impacts of key contaminants within the river.
Managing the liquid waste within the development (either by means of an on-site treatment facility) or cess pits.
Anglian Water will make improvements to Dullingham WRC to ensure sufficient treatment capacity. It will be necessary to manage the occupation phase of the development to align with completion of these improvements.

Notice of withdrawal of Planning Application

We would like to inform you that we have withdrawn our planning application for the land south of 112 Station Road, Dullingham.
We continue to believe that the site, located adjacent to Dullingham Station, represents a highly sustainable location for development and has the potential to deliver wider benefits to the local community.
Throughout the planning application process, we have engaged extensively with all key stakeholders to evaluate the suitability of our proposal. This engagement has garnered support from entities such as Cambridgeshire County Council and Network Rail, among others.
Our discussions and the feedback received, particularly from the Environment Agency, have highlighted the importance of integrating nature-based solutions to address water pollution concerns. The Environment Agency has advised that this could be addressed through a proposed condition; however, further work is required, which we believe is achievable.
Our decision to withdraw the application at this time is primarily driven by the timing of the Single Issue Review of the Local Plan. We believe that withdrawing our application now will allow us to better align with the forthcoming local plan review.
Moving forward, we remain committed to working closely with the local planning authority during the forthcoming local plan review to determine a suitable scale of development that meets the needs of the district.

Site Location

Site location

Our Proposals

Turnstone Estates is pleased to share that a planning application has now been submitted to provide up to 160 homes, including 64 affordable homes, parkland open space, enhanced facilities at Dullingham Station, and a new cycleway and pedestrian route from the station to the Village.

We previously carried out public consultation in January 2021, and after receiving valuable feedback from local residents and following further discussions with East Cambridgeshire District Council, we are now in a position to share our updated plans.

Separating the new hamlet from the existing Village will be a new parkland open space, protecting the historic setting of Dullingham, while providing amenity green space and promoting biodiversity. Within the hamlet three separate children’s play spaces will be provided.

A safe, well lit, pedestrian and cycle path will wind through the new parkland to provide a vital off-road link between the Village of Dullingham and the railway station. An enhanced pick-up and drop-off arrangement near Dullingham Station will help ease congestion around the existing station car park during peak times.

Having taken on board the feedback received, we have made the following updates to our plans.

Firstly, to reduce potential traffic to and from the station, the station parking has been removed, with the focus now on providing a drop off/pick up point only.

Alongside this, we have expanded our plans to include ten additional affordable homes for the local community.

To view and comment on the application, please click the button below to visit East Cambridgeshire District Council’s planning portal, and search for the following reference 22/00875/OUM.

Key Benefits

Quality Homes

Delivering high quality, low density market homes of beautiful design, with private gardens

Affordable homes

Affordable homes for the local community in Dullingham


Delivering a parkland open space for people and wildlife to enjoy in perpetuity that protects the historic setting of Dullingham


A development that strives to be sustainable with its water, energy, ecology and transport

Electric Powerpoints

Delivering electric charging points for vehicles at every new home


New jobs for East Cambridgeshire residents during the construction phase


Station square has potential to become a destination for local community events

Open Space

5.76 hectares of public open space, which is three times larger than normally required

Biodiversity net gain

Providing a biodiversity net gain five times greater than the policy requirement


New drop-off/pick-up point will ease congestion around the station


Submitting this Planning Application will enable us to move forward with our plans to meet the demand for much needed housing, greater economic opportunities, and better local amenities, for both new and existing residents of Dullingham.


These plans will meet these needs by:

Providing much needed housing, including 40% affordable housing to meet local housing needs.

Creating a new footpath and cycleway from Dullingham Village to the train station.

Presenting the opportunity for new mixed use/office space next to the station to provide new employment opportunities.

Producing a very sustainable residential led mixed use development adjacent to the train station, with journey times of less than 20 minutes into Cambridge.

Establishing a substantial area of open space between the new development and Dullingham Village for existing and new residents to enjoy.

Delivering enhanced facilities for community use close to the existing Village and improving cycling and walking access to Dullingham Station.

Planning Justification

There is a clear need for more housing, particularly affordable housing, in East Cambridgeshire. To meet this need, the Council’s Adopted Local Plan requires developments of more than 10 dwellings in the south of the District to provide a minimum of 40% of the total number of dwellings as affordable housing. However, despite this the Council’s latest Annual Monitoring Report, published in October 2021, indicates that affordable housing completions have not met the required target in any of the last 5 years. Therefore, these proposals are one of the few committed to meeting the target of 40% and will provide up to 64 essential affordable homes for East Cambridgeshire.


The proposals will have substantial socio-economic benefits. The mixed-use employment hub will create new jobs and present a flexible and vibrant workspace for the post-Covid world. The sustainable location next to the station will enable residents to commute easily to larger settlements using the train, which is likely to foster wider economic investment. Delivering new community facilities, such as a shop, café and community space, will also make a valuable contribution towards the social wellbeing of residents. The low-density housing presented in the designs will ensure the area around the station retains a beautiful aesthetic.


Alongside this, the proposals will have a positive environmental impact. As acknowledged within the Council’s pre-application response, any landscape harm is significantly mitigated by the proposed landscape planting and green corridors around the site. There will also be a considerable biodiversity net gain, amounting to five times the policy requirements. In addition, the new cycleway/footpath will increase access between Dullingham and the train station and encourage an increase in sustainable transport use. In tandem with the new drop-off/pick-up point, this will serve to reduce congestion around the station.


The proposed development has been prepared with a thorough understanding of the constraints and opportunities affecting the site. The masterplanning of the site takes these into account to ensure that appropriate mitigation can be embedded into the wider scheme design. For example, SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) features will manage any surface water for the public open space at the southeast of the site and the application is supported by a Flood Risk Assessment which considers the site to be at no significant risk of surface water flooding. In addition, the Transport Assessment confirms the impact of the proposed development is policy compliant.

Proposed Masterplan

Proposed Station Square

Station Square visualisation

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